On the job site with the JD Cement Works and Albhorg Construction teams.

For over 25 years, JD Cement Works builds solid foundations for commercial projects throughout our communities. Decorative walkways and sturdy stairways lead the way to new offices, schools, restaurants and hospitals. These familiar places and solid surroundings are long-lasting and mark our daily checkpoints. While our neighborhoods evolve and change, our cement works stay strong and solid, growing old with the community. New England’s premier contractors choose JD Cement Works as their one stop masonry contractor because of our first class, reliable and dedicated service to clients. Jim and his team visit all corners of Rhode Island and Southern New England to serve commercial masonry projects.

Everyday, New Englanders pass by JD Cement Works masonry and concrete construction projects. Our craftsmanship and hard work are recognized everyday for adding that touch of beauty, strength and familiarity to the streets our community.